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How to tell it is a Real Marseille Soap?

How do I recognise Real Marseille Soap? As you know, there are so many counterfeits when it comes to Traditional Marseille Soap. Most soap sold as “Marseille soap” has nothing to do with the original soap and its traditional soap-making methods. This is because “Marseille soap” is not a protected appellation. There are several key points to help you recognise real Marseille soap. So how do we identify real Marseille soap?

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The History of French Marseille Soap (Savon de Marseille)?

Savon de Marseille (French Marseille Soap), is believed to be the most excellent soap in the world. Renowned for its powerful cleaning abilities for laundry and general household cleaning, it is also suitable to people with sensitive skin, including babies, through to its hypoallergenic qualities.  Traditional Marseille Soap is composed of 72 per cent of fatty acid (vegetal origin), resulting from the mixing of oils and soda-ash or sea salt and 28 per cent water. It is a 100% natural Soap that is eco-friendly and very versatile. So, how did the manufacture of this beautiful Savon de Marseille begin?

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