Living eco-friendly doesn't necessarily have to be stain-friendly...

Turning off grid with my family, I thought I just had to accept stains for a while... you know, when your child turns a nice outfit into a Muddy Pollock... It just happens and I thought it was the price to pay when living sustainable... I think many of us can relate to this!
But wait a minute... how did our grandmothers do???? They must have had solutions...
An ancient household remedy I found is using Ox Gall Soap, an incredibly effective natural stain remover and it works!! So well, it is now part of my little laundry set in tin box or naked bar.
So, the bush mum is on a mission quite often... 

Stains vs Laundry Bar soap...

When my son had a great time skateboarding at some friends' place, he came to me with new knees... Suddenly, his nice pair of trousers turned into a gardening outfit... No holes thanks goodness!!
Get rid of stains easily and naturally with our eco-friendly laundry soap on French Bliss

I wondered how hard it would be to get these back to their original state...
get rid of stains thanks to ox gall soap, an easy and eco-friendly way to avoid nasty chemicals in the environment
Well, the Laundry bar soap got rid of these stains in less than 2 min!
I didn't even have to rub as much as I thought and could simply pour the dirty water in the garden... no nasty chemicals here! 
Mission accomplished!
Have a look and make it become your solution too! So useful everyday and when camping : )
If after a vegan eco-friendly solution, don't worry, our Liquid Black Soap and Marseille Soap will do the job too : ) Enjoy!
Ready to welcome these eco-warrior products in your Home Sweet Home? You won't be disappointed!

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