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Making the finest French linen is a slow process

Did you know that flax is grown only in the optimal climate of France, Belgium and The Netherlands? Here the soil and climate are optimal for flax production, so it’s no surprise that flax comes from Europe.  Our French linen are made from the finest flax of France. But be careful, to ensure the finest quality linens we all love, Flax has to be slowly processed with respect to traditional craftsmanship... that's how it is processed in France.

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Interesting facts on Linen... Did you know this?

Linen is part of French heritage. I cannot imagine a chiffon wardrobe without linen tableware, bed sheets, towels and napkins... Nowadays, the intricate embroideries our grandmothers used to saw patiently may have disappeared but linen is still a must in any French household. It may sound a bit luxurious, yet has always been part of French living... So, we are Introducing Flax... and welcoming linen on French Bliss...

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