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Good old times Tea Towels

Strangely, finding a thick and thirsty tea towel is not that simple nowadays. I personally tried MANY with limited results and the same frustration of not drying my dishes properly when I don't have time for gravity to do the job...  How come? What are the tricks? Why did my mum have proper tea towels while I can't find any??? There must be an explanation... and therefore a need for investigation.

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Liquid Black Soap for horses

A natural shampoo  Washes and gives a shine to mane, coat and tail. Instructions for use: Wet your horse. Rub the coat with a 5cl per litre liquid Black Soap warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Our tip: Even white and grey horses get a wonderfully revived coat with our black soap.            Cleaning stable equipment  Instructions for use: Dilute 5cl of liquid black soap in 1l of water. Clean your equipment with a sponge or a microfiber cloth.  Suitable for use in organic farming.   French Bliss is proud to offer you this authentic French product online. Bliss You!    BUY OUR OLIVE OIL & LINSEED OIL BASED LIQUID BLACK SOAP You want to discover another versatile product? BUY THE TRADITIONAL...

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Liquid Black Soap for dogs and other pets

Liquid Black Soap is so natural that you can use it as a pet shampoo to get rid of pests and maintain a shiny coat.  Dogs and other pets Use it as a natural shampoo for a gentle clean and a shiny coat. Instructions for use: Wet the animal with warm water and add 5cl per litre onto the coat. Rub well and then rinse thoroughly.  Cleaning kennels, baskets and mats... Olive oil and Linseed oil black soap makes sure your pets have a clean, healthy sleeping place without having to use nasty chemicals. Plus, the lavender fragrance smells good. Instructions for use: Dilute 5cl of olive oil black soap in 1l of water. Clean with a sponge. No need...

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Marseille Soap multi-uses

Marseille soap is known all over the world, recognised by its unique shape and colour. It’s a must-have in everyday life and it brings a great number of benefits. In France, Savon de Marseille soaps have been trusted for generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces. Let's take a closer look at the merits of Marseille soap…

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