Bonjour and welcome to French Bliss.

Since our French family fell in love with Australia and called it home, we’ve felt blessed to discover, learn and experience a new culture. We’ve also realized how French we were at times and what we truly missed from France!! Other expatriates will certainly relate… especially when travelling is so expensive or impossible.

Our journey has been difficult at times, funny or awkward on occasions but it has always been highlighted by many francophiles, Everything French personas or simply lovely people who regularly asked for typical French places, authentic products, amazing experience… So, as crazy as it sounds, we decided to bring a bit of France to Australia!

With a hint of Folie and a lot of Courage, we made it happen! French Bliss bring the best of France to your door. Soaps, Homeware, kitchenware and Gifts

And voila!

You can now enjoy the Very Best of France in Australia on French Bliss, the quintessentially French online store. Unlike other online places, we offer carefully selected products that are authentic, part of the French lifestyle, eco-friendly & 100% Made in France for you to French Up your Life! Because, as you know « France is not a destination… it is a Feeling! »
Our products are French essentials that stood the test of time so, you won't be disappointed!

We bring the Very Best of France to your door.

If we love France, we also love the Planet and believe the way you shop makes a difference. Based in the Northern Rivers Region, our family deeply embraces sustainability as a meaningful and daily lifestyle. And although France is not next door, it is important to us, that we carefully select our products in this respect.
So, we bring la crème de la crème to you:

Soaps. Table Linens (French Linen & Cotton). Bags. Knives. Gifts.


On this store, you will find ONLY:

  • Quality products that we tested, Love and use everyday
  • Organic/natural and environmentally friendly products
  • Long lasting & multi-purpose products
  • 'Slow Products' made from traditional craftsmanship techniques.
  • 100% made in France products that are part of the French living.
French Bliss brings the very Best of France to your door
  • We are also committed to using plastic-free packaging in every box of goodies we deliver Australia-wide.

With our efficient, timeless, long lasting and versatile products, you will embrace a simple and natural way of life based on Quality and Love. 
Our products will become your everyday essentials while giving a French twist to your home, this 'je ne sais quoi' that will make you Happy!
French Up your Life. Be blissed. Bliss Yourself.