Bring Provence to your Home Sweet Home

The authentic "style Provencal" perpetuates from a thousand year tradition.

More than ten centuries ago, Indian and Persian craftsmen invented the reproduction of motifs on fabrics, first using an ancient stencil technique, then using paint-coated and engraved wooden panels.

The secret of these "Indiennes" (Indian Canvas) or "Toiles des Indes" (Indies' Canvases) have been uncovered and brought back to France by world navigators who learned how to produce these beautiful printed fabrics shawls and scarves which, today, are part of Provence image.

The "Tissu Provencal" (Provencal fabric) first appeared around 1740. It expresses a union of love between the Oriental art, and the country and floral patterns which festively celebrate the southern France colors.

The Valence factory was created in 1770, and developed a strong reputation for the quality of its printed fabrics. We are proud to support a small factory keeping alive the Indian Tradition, and only utilizes high quality tools: pure mercerized cotton, wool serge and top quality water resistant color dyes.

The basic colors of Provencal Fabrics are

1- Red, which comes from madder

2- Blue from the indigo plant

3- Yellow from various plants' sap.


These traditional fabrics are typical of French Provence.

Bring it to your Home with our lovely tablecloths & napkins.

100 % Cotton, 100% Made in France.