Storing Marseille Soap

You can't go wrong with Marseille Soap. It is imperishable so you can keep it for years. The more your soap dries, the more it concentrates its vegetable Oil content and will last long.

Over the months and the years, only its outer appearance will change. It will lose its original colour and shape, but not its quality! It will be even gentler on your skin.

Instructions for use

Keep your Marseille soap away from sources of heat and damp. Ideally, store it in a cupboard at room temperature.
You can let it dry in your wardrobes and cabinets, it will get rid of the moths and leave a delicate natural scent on your linen. 

If you purchased Marseille Soap shavings for your laundry, store them in a cotton or hessian bag that let your soap breathe and put the bag in a cupboard.

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(available Olive & Copra or Copra only in 300g or 150g cubes)
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