Advantages of bar soap over shower gels

You may well have wondered: Is it true that switching from shower gel to bar soap you can help save our planet? What are the advantages of bar soap as compared to shower gel? Here are 3 good reasons to switch to bar soap:

Bar soap generates less waste and saves money

Unlike a bottle of shower gel, bar soap uses very little (or no) packaging. You can buy it in bulk with no packaging if you are looking for a zero-waste lifestyle, or in recyclable packaging such as paper, cardboard or plastic.

Good to know about using bar soap

With bar soap you can take 4 times more showers than with classic shower gel at equivalent price.

Switching to bar soap means daily savings and reducing waste in our environment.

Choosing bar soap made from 100% vegetable oils, with no chemical additives contributes to protecting our environment

Vegetable oils are renewable raw materials. Using bar soap made from 100% vegetable oils with no colouring and no chemical additives is a way to take steps to protect our planet while taking good care of your skin.

Bar soap lasts a long time, has a very handy shape

For bar soap such as Marseille Soap, there is no use-by date! Like good wine (which must be consumed responsibly), the older the soap is, the better it is for your skin!  And it’s much easier to store on your shelves for it takes up much less room. So easy, too, to tuck into your suitcase for travel.

Are you convinced? Switching to bar soap tomorrow…

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