Liquid Black Soap, such a multi-purpose product!

How fascinating is the fact that something supposed to “wash clean” could be the colour of dirt…. black!

Black soap has been produced for over 110 years according to the traditional soap making method and has been used for generations in France. Today, it is the best biodegradable alternative to a general household cleaner, but there is so much more to it.

Our grandmothers used it everywhere... for good reasons! It is 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, efficient and sooo versatile. The fact it's been forgotten by the last generation and replaced by so many different and highly polluting products doesn't make any sense. It's time to do a spring cleaning in the cupboard and adopt the one unique product that will do the work efficiently inside and outside.

Black soap is used not only in the house, but also in the garden and on animals. If you want to use a natural, multi-purpose product that is eco-friendly, economical, and extremely effective at cleaning everything, everywhere – in the home and in the garden  – this is the product. Biodegradable and solvent-free with no added colourants and no palm-oil, it is safe for the environment.

Let's overview where and how to use black soap:

In the house

– Cleans, disinfects, removes stains, nourishes and gives a shine to all types of flooring (including tiles, terracotta, ceramics, laminate, marble and wood), boats and windows. Just add 3 to 4 tablespoons to a bucket of water.

– Cuts through grease; removes burnt-on, hardened food deposits from barbecues, cookers, hobs, extractors and ovens; and effectively cleans worktops, sinks, leather surfaces and car exteriors. Apply a few drops to a sponge, cloth or brush, wipe the surface and then rinse off the soap with water.

In the garden

– Controls greenfly, scale insects, red spider and mites on rosebushes, ornamental plants, fruit trees and vegetables. Prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons black soap per litre of water and spray onto plants.

For pets and animals

– Black soap serves as a gentle wash that not only adds shine to the coats of dogs, horses and other animals, but also has anti-parasitic qualities and prevents allergies and rashes such as those caused by eczema and dermatitis.

– In France, organic cattle and goat farmers use black soap daily to clean udders and teats before milking.

For DIY and artwork

– Cleans and lengthens the lifespan of paintbrushes.

It’s almost intuitive. Put pure black soap directly on your brush and massage the hair. You do not need a big amount of product, maximum one teaspoon. Rinse with warm water and already, you should see most of the paint coming out of the brush. If you have left your brush a little too long in the open air, you will probably need a brushing tool and more determination to remove the dried residues.

– Removes paint stains from fabrics.


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