Liquid Black Soap makes miracles in the Kitchen

Liquid Black Soap in the kitchen
  • Flooring and tiles

Thanks to its rich olive oil  and linseed oil content, Le Serail Liquid black soap cleans, disinfects and thoroughly nourishes all types of flooring (tiles, terracotta, ceramics, laminate, marble, wood, etc.), leaving it sparkling clean and protected.

Instructions for use: Dilute 2 tablespoons of black soap in 5l of hot water. Wash. No need to rinse.


Our tip: A floor cleaned with black soap means a healthy floor and no chemicals, so no worries at all about babies and toddlers crawling all over the house! 


  •  Work tops, surfaces, hobs...

Black soap cuts through grease. It cleans and removes burnt-on greasy and hardened food deposits on cookers, hobs, extractors, ovens, worktops, sinks, etc.

Instructions for use: A little black soap on a sponge. Wash, then rinse with hot water.


Our tip: Apply black soap to cooked on stains in your oven while it is still lukewarm. Leave overnight, then clean and rinse.

  • Washing up

Olive oil black soap cleans and degreases frying pans and deep fryers... Stainless steel saucepans stay as shiny as new.

Instructions for use: A little black soap on a sponge. Wash, then rinse with hot water.

Did you know?

Scouts do their washing up with black soap.

In Limoges, black soap is used to revive the gold trims on old porcelain dishes.


  •          Tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, etc.

On dark-coloured linen, Liquid black soap can be used as a traditional laundry detergent as well as on difficult stains before washing as a stain remover.

Instructions for use: 3-4 tablespoons of liquid black soap in the washing machine detergent compartment.

Before washing: Dab some soft or liquid black soap onto the stain. Leave for 15 minutes then machine wash (for stubborn stains, leave black soap on the stains for several days until the next wash).

Caution: The dark colour of olive oil black soap can leave a slight mark on whites and pale colours. Test on a small area of the fabric before using.


  •          Copper and silverware

Olive oil black soap cleans and puts a shine on copper and silverware.

Instructions for use: Dilute 3-4 tablespoons of black soap in a bowl of hot water. Leave the objects in soak for 5 to 10 minutes. No need to rinse. Drain and then dry.


  •           Window panes

For impeccable windows, clean them with olive oil black soap.

Instructions for use: Dilute 1 teaspoon of black soap in 2l of hot water. Sponge the mixture onto the windows then remove the excess liquid with a rubber window scraper. Finish with a microfiber cloth. Do not rinse.