150g Copra Oil Marseille Soap Cube
150g Copra Oil Marseille Soap Cube

150g Copra Oil Marseille Soap Cube

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'one for all and all for one'! Discover the eco-warrior soap that will make a difference in your Home Sweet Home... whether you live off grid or simply love the Planet.

Copra oil marseille soap cube 100% made in France on French Bliss

This Original Beige Marseille Soap made from oils of 100% vegetable origin (Copra Oil) is naturally eco-friendly with antiseptic properties. It cleans clothes efficiently with no risk of allergy which is why it is recommended for your skin but also for the care of the laundry and all textiles, including delicate linen (baby linen, lingerie, fragile fabrics such as silk, wool or lace...). Delicate but also strong... it can as well remove the most stubborn stains on carpets and delegate fabrics alike.

Made by Le Serail Soap factory in Marseille, this authentic Marseille Soap (Savon de Marseille) is obtained by traditional saponification in cauldrons, it is then hand cut and dried in the open air. A very versatile, timeless and economical product to have at home! So, let's do a spring cleaning in the bathroom and in the laundry at the same time!

Product details: 

  • Colour : Light to dark Beige.
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Size: 5 x 5 x 5cm (approx.)
  • 100% Natural, solvent and dye free, Glycerin free, preservative free, no fragrance added.
  • Palm Oil Free

Note: Colour, weight and sizes are given for a freshly made soap, subject to desiccation. Those values may vary from a soap to another.

Keep your Marseille soap away from sources of heat and damp. Over the months and the years, only its outer appearance will change. It will lose its colour and its original shape, but not its quality! It will be even gentler on your skin.

Exists also 300g Copra Oil cube or in 150g/300g Olive Oil Cubes (green)

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