Coffee break with croissant illustration on tea towel for a unique French feel. Available on French Bliss online store.
Let's start the day with coffee and croissant... if you love this breakfast, make this yellow/gray tea towel yours. A very stylish way to add a French feel to your kitchen.

Café Croissant French Jacquard Tea Towel

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If you have adopted the Café/Croissant breakfast, this tea towel is for you.

The Café Croissant jacquard tea towel will brighten your kitchen and your day with its warm yellow/mustard tones. It features detailed illustrations woven into the towel of a coffee cup, a stovetop coffee pot, a French croissant, and top and bottom black borders made of coffee beans.

Beautiful and soft, this towel will serve you well.
100% cotton. Machine wash and dry. 

These Tea Towels are of the finest quality.

  • Machine washable at 60°C
  • Avoid bleaching
  • Dimensions : 50 x 75 cm
  • Composition : 100% cotton
  • Color: yellow/Mustard and dark gray

Please wash the tea towel before use and let it soak in white vinegar water to keep its absorbent properties.