French Bliss offers a French classic: Honey and pine sap pastilles to clear sinuses and colds at bay.
Treat yourself with 50 g of happiness. Sweet treats for adults and kids, 100% made in France in the traditional way. Available in Australia on French Bliss.
Honey and pine sap lollies 100 % made in France. Keep them in your bag for a sweet treat when you need it.
Honey and pine sap traditional lollies are cooked in copper cauldrons with high end indredients.
When it comes to lollies, the French like a sweet treat that is unique and quality. Let s celebrate a craftsmanship that is becoming rare for a unique sweet experience.
Hand made lollies, 100% French are available on French Bliss in Australia. Discover our Honey and pine sap pastilles!

Honey & Pine Sap Pastilles

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If going for a sweet treat, go for the very best!

'Bonbons' are definitely not only for kids. This French word means 'good good' so you may have found a box of Happiness here.

This one is a sweet remedy, a classic combination of honey and pine sap to clear the sinuses and heal sore throats in winter.

Saint Ange's 100% French traditional sweets are made according to tradition in copper basins by French craft companies. Far from being forgotten, their traditional sweets are becoming more and more treasured, given as gifts—a way of honoring the recipients by showing how certain you are of their good taste, and how sure you are that the exceptional bonbons will be appreciated for their just worth.


  • Made in France

  • Shelf life: Over 36 months

  • Storage: Shelf-stable

  • Weight: 50g

Product made in an artisanal way.


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, natural lavender flavor, purple carrot extract, natural vegetable charcoal dye E153. Nutritional values per 100g: energy: 389 Kcal/1,626 kj; fat 0 g of which AGS 0 g; carbohydrates 87 g of which sugars 64 g; protein 0 g; salt 0 g. Possible presence of nuts and milk proteins.

Store away from heat (max 27°C) and humidity.