Natural Laundry Soap in Tin Box
Natural Laundry Soap in Tin Box
Natural Laundry Soap in Tin Box
Get rid of stains naturally with French Bliss soaps
Relax and let the kids play, you know that you can get rid of stains naturally

Natural Laundry Soap in Tin Box

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Turning eco-friendly doesn't have to be stain-friendly.

Say bye-bye to ink, grease, wine, grass, chocolate, and other bothersome stains! This 100g stain remover soap made from ox gall is a natural, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective product perfect to fight stubborn stains. From experience, this little one will last and save many clothes from stains. Plus, the tin box is very convenient when going camping. Tested and approved by an eco-friendly bush mum of 3 : ) 

Did you know? 

One of the key properties of ox gall is the ability to break down grease, which makes it a powerful stain remover and certainly one of the oldest formula ever!

This soap comes in a vintage tin box designed by local Nyons artist Luc Mazan.

Directions for use

Wet soap and rub stain with soap. Let sit for 15 minutes before machine washing. Patch test first on delicate fabric.


100g Solid Soap in Tin Box

Dim: 7 x 7 x 3.5cm

Soap manufactured in France in Nyons, Provence.